Together we will find a cure Donate
Together we will find a cure Donate

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Let’s Host for Hope and help feed vital research.

With social distancing measures easing in many locations in the UK, now’s the perfect time to get together again, whilst fundraising to help us establish a network of seven sustainable research Centres of Excellence across the UK.

What will your Host for Hope celebration be? Weekend dinner party, afternoon tea, holiday coffee morning?

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And don’t forget, you can plan a Host for Hope get together for any occasion at any time.   

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Here are some of our quick ‘recipes’ for an entertaining and enjoyable Host for Hope event (top tip: build in contingencies for ‘moveable feasts’ should bad weather affect your plans for outdoor fun in the sun):


Weekend Dinner Party

Invite your loved ones to a celebration dinner and prepare an indulgent feast for them to enjoy. Organised some evening games to keep everyone entertained with fun prizes on offer and ask everyone to donate £10 to contribute.

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Afternoon Tea

Plan an afternoon tea with all your favourite treats and invite your friends and family to bake their best cake or provide a savoury snack. Ask for donations to sample the delicious delights. Spread the word on social media to invite as many people as you can to help boost the funds you raise or set up a stall on your street and sell the leftovers in your community.

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Weekend BBQ

Dust off the BBQ and get sizzling to celebrate. Reunite with family members and enjoy some alfresco dining – why not organise some wild and wonderful garden games to keep everyone entertained. Have some fun prizes on offer and ask everyone to donate £10 to contribute. 

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James Moir  Nancy Sorrell supporting #WearAHatDayWithFlowers

Holiday Coffee Morning

Make the most of your time off work and get together with your besties for that cool coffee morning fundraiser. We all know and love these easy-to-plan events. Tell your friends to donate £20 each in exchange for an ‘exclusive’ invite to join you for a special caffeine-fuelled camaraderie. If you want to boost your fundraising further, why not build in plans to hold a charity raffle – more information about planning and holding a charity raffle can be found on your digital fundraising pack.

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Family picnic iStock-483883048

Summertime Picnic

Plan a picnic lunch in the best of British countryside with friends and family. Keep it rural and choose those places likely to be less crowded and busy. You could even plan a ‘funnylympics’ tournament with prizes for the most fun or impressive challenge winner. Tell everyone on social media what you’re planning and gather donations, inviting ideas and betting on who they think will be the overall winner! 

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Whatever event you host, make the most of it. Set up your fundraising page and share the link with everyone you know. The wider you share, the more you tell, the greater imagination you apply to your event, the greater your fundraising will be.

Hosting to Make a Difference

Thanks to all the support we’ve had from Host for Hope events over the years (as well as all our other creative and unique fundraising initiatives) we’ve been able to establish four game-changing Research Centres of Excellence. With your help, we’ll make that seven!

You’ve also helped strengthen our national campaigning efforts, raising crucial awareness of this often-overlooked, invisible disease. We now sit at some of the most important health and research decision-making tables in Westminster and are continuing to exert our influence on all the UK governments and key larger cancer charities to catalyse greater national investment into this devastating disease.

By Hosting for Hope Together We Will Find a Cure

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